GMD is closing

After 12 years we are shutting down and saying goodbye.

I have tried to keep classes going and would love to go on. But attendance has been low for the past two years—and too often before Covid as well. I know how difficult these times have been, but I can’t afford to keep GMD running. Perhaps we’ll re-start at a later date.

I thank all of you who enjoyed a GMD class over the years. Big love to our glorious teachers— Johanna, Darryl, Bonnie, Pat, Louis, Susie, Heidi, Ryan, Kelly, Natasha, Kate, Elke, Lukas, Val, Emily, Jera, Pulga. And to our musicians—Larry, Jay, Greg, Robin, Jake—for bringing their magic. Thanks to Pam, Jordana, Olivia, Miranda, Jesse for their dedication keeping classes running smoothly. And special thanks to those who joined us regularly through Zoom times and mask-wearing classes. Huge thanks to the OAC for funding over the years. And, of course, to Deborah and Michael at CCDT. Without their generosity through lean times, we would have closed long ago.

We wish you all the best for the dance adventures that lie ahead.

Sincerely . . . Kenny